Significance of Corporate Logo

While designing the logo of MRG World, we paid a close attention to the qualities that we exhibit in our work. Our logo is designed carefully representing our approach and our style. The letter M and W in the logo intertwine in a way that forms a circle. The circle so formed is intended to represent the world. As the name of our corporation is MRG world, the circle representing world is symbolic of that. Since MRG World is a conglomeration of companies operating in various sectors including Financial, Agro, Education, this formation of the world in the logo also symbolized the versatility or MRG World and different sectors that we function in.

The MRG World logo is blue in color. Blue color represents trust and honesty in business. This was the prime reason that we choose blue to be the dominating color in our logo. The blue color is a symbol of loyalty, reliability, and responsibility. These are the qualities that the team of MRG World promises and live by. We prefer one-to-one communication with our clients so we can offer the best possible services according to their customized requirements. The color blue also symbolizes the same.

Black is the secondary color used in our logo. The purpose of using black color in our logo is to highlight our sophistication, dignity, and seriousness towards our work as this is what black color symbolizes in a business along with power. We have designed a logo for MRG World that imbibes and reflects all the qualities and the commitments that our company promises. At MRG World, we follow an organized approach and prefer clear communication with our clients, offering transparency.