MRG World is a conglomerate of companies operating since decades in the agro sector, financial sectors, education sector with a Pan India presence. With the reputation we own on an account of the great leadership and holistic skills we possess, we have now laid firm steps in the real estate sector, initiating with the affordable housing scheme.


Dedication has always remained the most important driving force for us. We believe in continuous growth which comes from accepting new challenges to test the best of our abilities.  Strong teamwork and innovative approach have helped MRG World to establish an edge over the competitors. We always strive to employ new techniques while making the most efficient use of our skills along with maintaining a healthy working environment where individual respectability and security is valued. This has led our staff to grow more confident, inspired and committed which in turn has become the reason for the MRG to achieve several milestones. Customer satisfaction is at topmost priority for us and with this aim, our team leaves no stone unturned in providing the best that we can. The numerous records MRG has set and the multiple achievements that it has bagged works as an inspiration for us to work even harder because the quest for excellence is always unending.We possess a great entrepreneurial spirit which has bound all the essentials for a successful venture together. MRG World seeks to become a versatile corporate entity that works to build a better lifestyle for society as a whole. With the same zest and enthusiasm for a positive transformation, we are firmly laying our steps in the real estate market. With our innovative and holistic approach, we seek to redefine the conventions of the industry while stating new standards of luxury living on an affordable price. The keen and highly curated services that MRG world has been providing promise an excellence in everything we take in our hands.sign-final


 Davender Kumar 
Co-Founder & Chairman


Rise in housing sales expected: Anarock
The year 2018 witnessed the housing supply rise in the seven major cities- Delhi-NCR, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune and Hydrabad by 32 percent to 1.93 lakh units.
“The fallout of RERA and GST was still very visible in 2018, but the dust began to settle.


Much delayed Dwarka expressway project gets a nudge from the PMO.
On 21st November 2018, the PMO stepped its way forward to clear the impediment in the way of the continuously postponed Dwarka expressway with NHAI Delhi Development Authority and the Forest ministry demanding prompt action over the project in the next two months.