5 Reasons Why to Invest In Gurugram Affordable Housing Projects

Housing or shelter is one of the basic necessities to survive. With the changing social, economic and cultural landscapes, it has become even more crucial. It is often regarded that to own a house is in itself a sense of accomplishment for an average middle-class family. However, with the constant fluctuations in the rates of property and increasing expenses, this may become a challenging task for an average man. The affordable housing policy, initiated by the government of India was indeed a reaction to all these factors that led to the increased need of such a policy that helps people to acquire a home of their own. Projected with the goals of providing housing for all, the policy has proved to be a boon for many people.

The key reason that attracts the buyers towards the affordable housing in Gurugram includes the certified locations, promising builders and strict guidelines. It has indeed made the process to buy a home in Gurugram, PMAY, easier and convenient, hence contributing to the popularity of this policy.

If you are looking to buy a home in Gurugram, here’s what will attract you towards the projects under ‘affordable housing Gurgaon’.


Projects under the ‘affordable housing’ scheme are approved by the Town and Country Planning Department of Haryana. Approval of the projects by the Haryana government assures the authenticity of the property as the buyer can check the details of the property on the official website TCP and be assured.

Regular price appreciation and better returns

Property is considered one of the biggest investments in today’s time. While the prices of property keep fluctuating, affordable housing is seen to sustain its value. This is one of the key points that the buyers will have a great possibility to benefit from the property in the future.

Attractive loan benefits

Any property costs a whopping amount for an average middle-class man, and thus, taking a loan for the property is common. While the interest amount on loans provided by various banks may differ, there are few sure benefits that affordable housing loan gets. Under the new policy, home loans up to Rs 35 Lakh will qualify for the benefits under the priority sector lending. Also, for the construction of affordable housing Developers can take infrastructure funding from financial institutions at a rate lower than 10.

Secure future

Since there are lower capital investments in affordable housing, there is a low risk in this investment. Also, the homes can be put on the lease to get the return on investment. This makes “affordable housing” a more attractive option for the buyers.

Affordable prices

The government has fixed the price of the property which has lessened the possibility of corruption by the builders. No one can sell the property beyond the fixed rate.