7 Important Things to Remember While Selling a Property in India

It is much more difficult to sell a property than to buy. Selling a property is a practical thing, unlike buying, which is emotional decision for anyone. So, to sell a property you need to be well versed with the market related to pricing, documents, marketing your product, everything needs to be done by you.

These are the major things which you need to remember while selling.

Ready your Key Documents in Order

The very first thing to do before you start the process is to find, check and collect all the legal and civic documents that were created at the time of the purchase. The main documents are required to sell a property because housing society has to share the certificate and sale deed of the property. The Sale Deed confirms only that the land is in the name of the seller and that he has the right to dispose it off. So, make sure that all the documents are ready and complete to avoid any last-minutes hassles.

Clear all the Dues

Make sure all the dues which are related to your property such as electricity and water bill, lease amount or property tax, etc., are clear. If not clear then, it can land you in a fix during the transaction process and may even spoil the deal.</p.

Price your Property Right

It is wise to understand what your house is worth and what the market is willing to pay. You should also remember that your house is just one among many house on sale and should know what you paid for the house. you should keep tracking of the unsold units in the area where you are planning to sell. It is a good idea to talk to people in that particular locality/area. So, it is important to price your property right.

Choose the Right Advisor

If you are planning to sell your home through a real estate advisor, ensure that they have a good track record and they understand your requirements. A local advisor may be your best bet; he can assist you in selling your house in a better way

Market your Product

Alternately, you can list your property online. There are many options in the market where you can advertise your product along with your contact details. This enables the buyers to reach you directly. You can also make use of social websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, google+ to advertise your product.

Fix all Fixtures

You should get the entire required repair done before you show your home to buyers. Check if any electricity fault or water leakages. Get your home painted if it needs dash of shine.Make sure that you present your house in the best light to a buyer in the first meeting because we know “first impression is the last impression”.

Scheduled the Right Date

You should have a clear idea about the timeline within which you want to sell your house, and be ready to hand over the possession to the new buyer on a prefixed date. Following a timeline can make the whole process smoother.