When we talk about affordable housing, there is often a misconception that it is not good for business. It is believed that people are less interested in investing in affordable real estate and that it is not beneficial for the market, also that the properties are built with lower quality materials leading to fewer buyers.

Affordable housing projects in Gurugram are beneficial in many ways, here’s how:

What does affordable housing offer?

Affordable homes consist of significant potential benefits. Housing plays a vital role for a household, a community, and a society.
The upcoming affordable housing is modern and advanced. Delivering a number of benefits, affordable housing attracts people from various parts of society, majorly from the low-income sectors. This is a major helping hand for those in need, also for the neighbourhood businesses as their market will grow with the increase in the number of people living nearby.

As the name suggests, affordable housing is for anyone who is willing to live under a roof of their own but could not afford one previously. With the upcoming affordable housing in Gurugram, developers like MRG World have come up with schemes that are suitable and accessible for those looking for homes within their budget. Unlike other residential projects, the rates at affordable housing do not fluctuate, making it even more pocket-friendly.

The affordable housing Gurugram project is built keeping in mind the essential requirements of the residents. These include location and/or locality, infrastructure, accessibility to basic amenities, proximity to essential services, etc.

MRG World is a prominent developer of affordable housing schemes and commercial projects as well. Their projects are located at the most prominent locations in Gurugram. This enables the residents to avail all kinds of services however and whenever they want.
An investor who can grasp a thorough understanding of the approach can avail of many more benefits. Be it construction, maintenance, or preservation, the entire affordable housing real estate market provides a holistic approach when they are developing a property.

What are the benefits?

Increased hiring.
The construction of these projects invites employment opportunities as there is a huge requirement for labour. Along with construction, an array of opportunities open like security, house help, maintenance staff, etc. All these factors create an opportunity for a large number of employees. Along with the establishment of these projects, many more properties start to build around the area like, petrol pumps, malls, restaurants, healthcare, schools, etc.

Comfortable spending improves quality of life.
For the residents, their quality of lifestyle improves. Individuals and families who resort to affordable housing can put their resources to better use like healthy food, better healthcare, education for their children, etc. Low-income families can now afford a home that does not leave a dent in their budget. With this, they can spend other parts of their income on a quality lifestyle. All this makes a huge difference in the overall development of an individual and families as a whole.

Children who live in affordable townships and societies can avail better education facilities. Now, they can avail quality education and grow into better individuals making their future bright. Healthcare facilities also become accessible for the people who come from lower-middle class backgrounds and were unable to afford these facilities earlier. A safe and clean environment on one hand invites positivity that calls for better mental health. On the other hand, proximity to healthcare facilities offers peace of mind. Affordable housing projects are located in safe neighbourhoods which reduce the likelihood and risk of crimes.

With affordable housing, individuals and families can now benefit from quality housing. With this, they have the opportunity to grow and become a part of different communities, get access to better employment opportunities, lead a healthier life and take care of themselves and their families.

We must also take note of several location benefits and amenities that are offered by MRG World.

Prime Locations Nearby:
• Dwarka Expressway, 2.5 km away
• National Highway 8, 2 km away
• AIIMS Jhajjar, 12 km away
• SGT University and Sharda International School close to the property enabling quality education facilities.
• IGI Airport Via Dwarka Expressway
• IMT Road just 200 meters away

MRG World Benefits:
• 5 years no maintenance charge
• Up to 90% loan offered by all banks
• Comes under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY)
• No external or infrastructure development charges
• Licensed by Department of Town and Country Planning Government of Haryana
• Possession within 4 years

MRG World Amenities:
• Badminton court and tennis court, for anyone who loves to play.
• Community centre and yoga, to maintain a healthy mind and body.
• Free parking with upgraded safety and privacy.
• Cycle track for all age groups.
• Play area for children to indulge in fun activities that also grow creativity and imagination.
• Jogging track further promoting healthy activities.
• Lush green park to have a peaceful environment.
• Gated complex maintains security and privacy.
• CCTV and 24×7 security

Affordable housing is for anyone who is looking to invest in a home where they can enjoy a convenient and quality lifestyle. It is for anyone who comes from a lower-middle-class or middle-class background, looking for home and better lifestyle opportunities.

The general observation of the benefits is drawn from the establishment of these projects and the ultimate benefits received by the residents and society depend on how the project owners reach out to their customers and provide for them.

The basic households mould the society as a whole. Lifestyle, in so many ways, contributes to strengthening and nurturing society. It is an extremely important asset when it comes to achieving several social outcomes. Quality affordable homes are the stepping stones towards individuals and families being able to save and afford higher education or purchase a home for themselves. With affordable homes in Gurugram, communities can come together and grow into a flourishing society.

Offering all basic facilities and amenities, affordable housing is built with top-notch lasting construction that is convenient to afford for the individuals and families that come from the low income segment of the society.