IGBC refers to Indian Green Building Council, which was formed back in 2001. IGBC aims to develop and maintain an environment for the development of real estate in an environment-friendly manner. Real estate development can end up causing a lot of harm to the environment and IGBC was made to mitigate those practices. IGBC provides a green certification to the buildings that convey their so-called eco-friendly practices and other sustainable methods. Various IGBC ratings are certified, silver, gold and platinum that is awarded to a building as per the criteria of the council. The criteria include site selection, water conservation, energy conservation, materials conservation and use of green materials, innovation and design process etc. IGBC certification is applicable to both residential and existing factory buildings.

A green building is one which uses as much of the non-conventional power methods, minimize the use of non-renewable resources, efficiently use the energy sources, generates less waste than compared to a conventional building.

The IGBC certification is based on a point system where each building gains points based on various green practices and techniques. The highest grade under the IGBC certification is Platinum, and the first building in the nation to receive Platinum certification was CII Green Business Centre (which brought IGBC into existence). Now one thing to keep in mind that the rating issued by the IGBC is valid for up to 3 years.

There are a plethora of advantages that come with an IGBC certified home. An IGBC certified home is much more of a delight than construction with minimal harm to the environment. It has enhanced airflow, superior indoor quality, reduced utility bills and so on. A green home is as close as one can get to being in the heart of nature, thus, coining the term, ‘the green side of life’.

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