With a pool of options available in the market, choosing a perfect house could be troublesome. Some prefer a more private space through independent houses and some mindfully pick a new launch affordable homes in Gurgaon to feel light on the pockets afterward.

Here is a list of 3 points that differentiates an affordable housing in Gurgaon from an independent house.

1. Gifted Amenities

Amenities are the key factor of a housing project. Be it independent housing or an affordable option in Gurgaon. You cannot shrug away the importance of a basic security feature present at a hand distance.

But amenities ask for a cost. An independent house will require extra effort with a subtle jerk on the pocket. Whereas an affordable housing project in Gurgaon offers basic amenities like fire safety equipment, water system, power-backs, lifts, etc.

Independent house owners need to walk extra miles and shed 2-3 percent of the total property value to spend on the above-mentioned list of amenities.

2. Saleability

Reselling a property asks for efforts and connections. Especially an independent property. People nowadays are more interested in affordable apartments in Gurgaon rather than owning a villa at an extreme cost of their financial instability.

The sale of a property is defined by the location, amenities, security, and a few extra features like a hall for functions and gatherings, garden, gym, creche area, etc.

The project owners toil themselves to fish their project out of the ocean of residential projects.

For example, A project by MRG World “THE ULTIMUS” the best affordable housing project in Gurgaon is beaming loudly due to an additional 25-meter long swimming pool, which is half the olympic pool size. This feature outshines other competitors and easier to get interested clients.

Also, the prime location installed with a commercial project invites more attraction.

The same is the case with Huda affordable housing Gurugram, except the pool, because MRG world “The Ultimus” is the first affordable housing projects in Gurgaon to do so.

3. Maintenance

The expense doesn’t fall short after shifting to a new location. Your dream house requires constant efforts with cleanliness, construction, and repair.

In the present case, affordable housing in Gurugram caresses gently on your pockets because of the pool of resources available.

Whereas renovating or a minor repair can break your heart in an independent house.
Maintenance is your ultimate business in an independent house whereas it is controlled by the Residents’ Welfare Association in a new launch affordable housing in Gurugram with a lesser headache.


Buying a house is not a one-time investment. It needs regular nurturing and maintenance. Wherein an independent house could feel more private, an affordable house in Gurgaon could save you from the aftermaths of further investments. Therefore, validate your priorities before buying a house to reduce your risk of regret after investment.

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