Buying affordable house in Gurgaon? Important documents to check

Buying your dream home involves a long, tedious and careful planning. It is not a straightforward process. We needs to research, re-research, and get involved in the process of visits, meeting and most importantly, documentation.

Possessing a home or a property does not alone certify its ownership. The legal process in this matter should be considered carefully and one of the most important one. As the Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana is scaling heights since the launch of the affordable housing scheme, the demand for the property has also increased manifold in the past few years and is still at the peak.

The coming up of various new projects and the real estate market is flooded with various offers have directed the first time home buyers to consider buying the home in various big metropolitan cities like Delhi, Gurugram, Noida, Faridabad, Manesar etc.

The fact that makes these cities highly attractive is that one may find any facility here with the world-class infrastructure it offers. If you are planning to buy the affordable homes in Gurugram, you have chosen one of the finest locations in the country.

We have summed up the important documentation process required to legally own the house in Gurugram under the affordable scheme. The list will give you an insight into the legal process involved in buying the house and will help you in checking the important document at the time of purchase.

Sales Deed

The document to top the list of important papers in buying the property is sales deed. It certifies the ownership of the title of the property. It has to be signed by both the parties, buyers and sellers. Minimum of two witnesses should be present at the time of signing the document. The Registration Act governs the Sales Deed. You also need to check some important clauses in the sales deed.

Copy of building plan

While making the purchase, it is important and advisable to get a copy of the building plan of the property. This will help the buyer to be assured that the property is legally constructed under all the set rules and laws of the government.

Allotment letter

Most of the people would take a Home loan when buying the property. This is the document which is highly important at the time of applying for the Home loan. The allotment letter is issued by the housing authority or the developer. It states some important details such as the details of the property, the total amount paid for the property by the buyer to the seller. It is issued on the letterhead of the authority.

No Objection Certificate (NOC)

The No Objection Certificate is integral to any legal process. There are around 19 of NOCs which needed to be issued by various authorities for different purposes. Make sure your developer gives you copies of all the important No Objection Certificates.

Sales Agreement

As the name suggests, sales agreement is signed between both the parties when all the conditions of buying are set and both the parties agree to the purchase of the property, it states detailed information about the property and states all the terms and conditions of the payment, possession date etc. This is an important document which needs to be checked by the buyer.

Encumbrance Certificate

This is also one of the most important documents when applying for the loan. The encumbrance certificate clears that there are no pending dues, loans, etc on the property in question. It also has all the details of the various transactions related to the property over a period of time.

Occupancy Certificate

The occupancy certificate is regarded as one of the most important in terms of possession of the property. It is granted by the local governmental authority to the developer or the builder and certifies that the property is fit for occupying and all the construction is completed in accordance with the legal rules and laws as stated in the sanctioned plan. It is illegal to possess the property without having an occupancy certificate.

The documentation and paperwork is an integral part of any major financial decision and hence a legal advisor is always recommended in this case. The above list aims at providing a brief insight into some major documents needed to buy the property legally in Gurugram or any other major states India. There are a number of documents you will need to check while making the purchase and hence, a thorough research is inevitable.