As the name suggests, value homes are the segment in real estate industry that tend to provide the customers with all of the necessities and basic amenities in a house in a price range that is as reasonable as possible and aim to make a house available and accessible to every one whosoever is in the search of one. This segment is quite different from the other segments (like luxury homes) and due to its competitive price point and relatively newer than other ones, have a number of myths associated with its name and as the myths usually go, they are not true for the most part. So let us address then and see which ones are true and which ones are not.

Value homes do not comply with government regulations
This one is one of the most common myths out there and is as false as it gets. All the certified and approved have to follow the government regulations to be authorized to develop a residential project. Just a competitive price range is not a reason for a house to not comply with the industry standards.

Value homes do not even have the basic amenities
Another myth that is not based on any concrete fact. Value homes these days are furnished with all the necessary and basic amenities. In addition to this, due to ever-increasing competition in this segment, more and more real estate companies are equipping their home with more and more facilities and amenities which not only include the basic ones but go well beyond and some might even be considered premium.

Value homes are not good investments when it comes to real estate
For those who are looking to buy value homes as an investment, should not fall for this rumour. Premium homes and vacant plots of land are not the only way to go while investing in real estate. Since a value home is something that a large part of the population can afford, the demand for it never goes away. This means the value of investment never goes down. So to think that value homes is a dead weight and should not be considered while investing is one sure way to miss out on gains.

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