Values homes and premium residences. Two things that lie on the exact opposite end of the same spectrum. The housing sector is one of the most diverse sectors that any consumer can come across. Now it can vary all the way from value homes that are the best bang for your buck to premium residences that get you best of the extravagance that one can imagine. Now needless to say, that the most obvious difference in value homes and premium ones is the price range.
Value homes are designed to get the most reasonable yet elegant while premium ones are aimed to go for a specific kind of luxurious experience. But the price difference is merely the basic criteria that distinguish among them and there are a lot of dissimilarities that are present when we talk of value homes and premium residences. While talking about prices, another thing to keep in mind is the appreciation of the value of the property. Regular or value homes usually have a higher rate of appreciation per annum as compared to premium homes due to the ever-increasing demand and the fact that value homes are much more easily accessible and affordable. In addition to this, the growth of the surrounding locality of the value homes has more potential for expansion and thus increasing the market value.
Now let us discuss the amenities. It goes without saying that value homes might not be able to offer over the top luxurious amenities for every need, but value homes these days do have a large set of basic and necessary amenities for a fraction of the cost and sometimes might even outdo their own expensive counterparts.
Availability is another concern while looking for your ideal home. Now premium homes, as the name would imply takes a lot more time to build and get approved as well as sanctioned. But due to the simplistic nature and the wide market for value homes, they are much more easily available and feasible to build.

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