How is Affordable Housing changing the real estate game

Real estate as a sector has been quite adaptive to the changes in economy and perceptions as well. The perception has drastically changed with relation to changing time. From a one small room set to a multimillion house, real estate industry has it all within range of offers. Though affordable housing as a segment is helping people but on the other hand it is affecting the economy as well. Housing is no more limited to the social status or restricted to the metro cities. Various parts of India are picking up pace and making a huge impact.
Our government had seen a downfall in the market shares and economical influence in the real estate section, but with the government taking better initiative it is gradually boosting the housing scenario. also has plans to introduce “Housing for All “by 2020 as announced by PM of India. This scheme will be targeting 2 crore homes to be built across all urban locations.
Affordable housing is no more an alien concept, it has now been given a well-accepted status amongst the infrastructural developments. It has been given flexible deadlines for completion of the project. The qualifying criteria for the size of affordable has also been revised.
There also easy finance available for the home buyers. Government policies like the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) and banks have come together. These help in giving the home buyers easy options to take loans, mortgage lending. Affordable housing is surely a complete package that will change the game within the real estate industry as well as the economy. People from all income groups will have better options to choose from, rather than just adjusting with whatever is offered or never have aspirations for a dream home now.