The landscape of affordable homes in Gurgaon is tremendous. The options available for the individual are plentiful, where each seems as good or even better than the other. Affordable housing projects in Gurgaon provide excellent amenities as well, despite their reduced price. So, you’re sure to find it difficult to find the perfect one for yourself. Regardless of where you choose to invest, a check for credibility is always required to ensure a monetarily more secure deal for yourself.

1. Check Credentials

There are several roadblocks that can arise for a real estate developer in India. There are numerous checks and balances kept in place by the government for any developer. As an investor, it is crucial that you ensure that all such pre-requisites have been taken care of. Ask for an allotment letter, if they have purchased the land from the government. Check for NOCs, certificates, licenses, permits from authorities, etc. before ever looking to invest in any affordable property.

2. Check for all the basic requirements

The occupation certificate, fire-safety mechanisms, electric connections, and property tax receipts are all essential requirements for any residential project. Do make sure that the written agreement that you’re signing includes all the additional and miscellaneous costs that might show up in the later processes of investing.

3. Amenities

The amenities at display in every residential complex needs to be maintained well for them to be used as desired by the residents. If any affordable residential project does not have a good or competent maintenance staff, the amenities may well be useless.

4. Clearances

Before you buy any affordable flats in Gurgaon, there are multiple clearances and approvals that you need to get before you sign off on any agreement. These are crucial checks placed in by the government to curb fraudulent practices. There is significant information available online for the various steps involved in the process. By going through them you’d have a clearer idea of what checks and balances have been put by the government.

Checking for credibility is important for any potential investor to do in any property they are interested in. However, the affordable properties in Gurgaon are reliable and do have stringent checks that they have to follow. It sure does help though to be more cautious and carry out certain rudimentary steps to check for credibility.

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