When it comes to making your new apartment energy efficient, every small act counts. After all, it is the small acts that help you save big in terms of energy efficiency. You can save energy in your home by taking a couple of practical steps. However, before you take those steps, it’s important to make sure that the residential projects in Gurgaon that you are looking into have also made some efforts of their own in that direction. So, once you have found an energy-efficient apartment design, you can add to its capabilities even further by following the given guidelines.

Let the clothes air dry in your apartment
Air drying your clothes in your apartment means taking a step towards not relying on energy anymore. You can purchase a drying rack or hang a clothing line to let the garments dry out overnight. The smell of clean clothes is really pleasing, and it would be nice to have your place smell so lovely simply by air drying the clothes there.

Use CFL light bulbs instead of the other options
Using compact fluorescent light bulbs in the residential flats projects in Gurugram will help you in saving energy. These light bulbs need to use seventy-five less electricity compared to the traditional light bulbs. Besides, the bulbs look really nice and modern, so it would add to the look and décor of your place.

Make the best use of the natural light in the apartment
Try not to switch on too many lights during the morning will only make your electricity bill go higher and higher. So, try to rely on natural light during daytime. You can put your study table or sofas near the windows to let ample light come in when you are reading or finishing up your office work. Having big windows in the apartment is a major plus this way.

Wash your clothes in cold water
You should use cold water as much as you can as it keeps the washer from having to spend energy on hot water. Moreover, when you are using your washer rather than going for a laundry service, you are also cutting down the overall cost of the bills.

So, as you can see, when you make the small changes to the things that you do every day, you get to make major changes on your energy bills. Therefore, start using the tips from today!

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