It has never been easy to buy or sell a property legal documentation can alone take your mind off. Having the right documents can elevate the process and eliminate future risks. To make your process easier and save you some time here are several documents that are must, before buying a house:

  • Title Deed – This document establishes the chain of ownership. It entitles the owner with full rights over the property. Before buying a house, check if the property belongs to the seller you’re buying from. Buy the property only if the name of seller matches with the title of the property.
  • Power of Attorney – This document ensures that the seller has the complete right of selling a property. An original copy of this document is to be presented before applying for a loan.
  • Sanctioned Building Plan – Every builder before starting of a project must get assent from local authorities. Before buying a house ask your developer to present this document otherwise the construction is termed illegal.
  • Occupancy Certificate – This document is issued by local authorities which mandated that the property is safe for residence. This document is also required at the time of loan application.
  • Tax receipt – Your seller must present property tax receipts in front of you. If not, then buyers are obliged to pay a tax penalty every month. Make sure that all taxes are paid before you buy a house.
  • Mutation Document – This document contains all the important information about the property like the name of the owner, property size, location, etc. You can call it biodata of a property. It is issued by the municipal authority in the name of the present owner.
  • Encumbrance Certificate – This certificate is issued by sub-registrar stating any mortgage, charges against the property. This document is necessary to validate that there are no charges against the property you’re planning to buy.
  • Allotment letter – An allotment letter is one of the most important documents required for getting a home loan. It is issued by a developer or the housing authority, stating the description of the property and details of the amount paid by the buyer to the developer.
  • Completion Certificate – Municipal authorities issue the Completion Certificate (CC) after the completion of the project.

When you’re buying or selling a property or an apartment, do consult with a property lawyer about related documents and their validity.

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