There is certainly a great need for promotion of affordable housing and its prevalent scheme supported by the realtors as well as the government. There are many a scheme that have been brought into action to provide better housing facilities to all income groups. Though many of the potential home buyers research or rather read and notice scheme offered around affordable housing.
It is important to let other section of society know of the government schemes and initiatives as well. So that they are aware and can make better choices when it comes to housing. Small towns other than the metros also. Many of the potential homebuyers are not even are aware that the bank offers loans and offers mortgage solution as well.
The government in collaboration with real estate industry wants everyone to have a house of their own. This should no more be restricted just to a dream. but should turn into reality as well.
There is a need for promotion through various ways to the masses rather than just social media, word of mouth or just news. Government schemes will fail if there do not reach to the masses who need it the most. The middle and the low-income groups, that save their dreams and efforts to buy a house for themselves and their family should have the housing opportunities within reach.
To those who cannot afford a house need ways to reap the benefits of the schemes the projects and its benefits should reach quick.

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