Getting the kind of real estate you admire and turning it to your ‘dream home’ is just not something that happens overnight. The fact that choosing properties cautiously is enough to get an idea of how time-consuming the entire process can become!

Today, this post has come up with some questions that you need to ask the real estate developer to make things easier and time-saving. Before diving into the depth of purchasing Affordable Housing Projects In Gurgaon, let’s check out the 9 questions in detail.

Q1: Has the real estate land got acquired properly?
If yes, then can you tell me whether or not the developers have legal rights? What if they do not have real estate licenses? And if the legal rights are there, then for what purpose will they use it?

Q2: Are the approvals in place?
When you ask this question, ensure that you cross-check things concerning:
• Building approval
• Height clearance
• NOC from authorities like airport authorities
• Water Environment and Pollution

Q3: Are all proposed design plans already final?
If they tell yes, then ask them about future developments too. Also, ask them how they think of planning it in the future for the Upcoming Affordable Housing Projects In Gurgaon.

Q4: Is there some difference between Super Built-Up Area, Carpet Area, and Built-Up Area?
You need to consider this question and ask it because when there’s a huge difference between these three then there might be messed-up things inside the complex. You need to check the areas before buying the Affordable Housing In Gurgaon.

Q5: What finance schemes or banks have been associated with this project?
After this, ask about the payment plan as well.

Q6: Is it vital to track building start & end dates?
If they say no, then do not consider choosing the property.

Q7: Is it essential to register the property?
When they say yes, cross-question whether or not the registration requires a specific purpose. If yes, then ask about the purposes.

Q8: Is there some distinction between handover of project and handover of key?
Before buying the property from Huda Affordable Housing Gurgaon, ask this question.

Q9: Ask about the difference between OC or occupancy certificate and CC or Completion Certificate (CC)
This is pretty important to know and understand whether or not the real estate developer can give you right information.

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