The significance of investing in Affordable Housing In Gurgaon during the lockdown

Never had India before witnessed a situation where empty streets brought a feeling of isolation, and a clear blue sky made people happy. Swear by god, ever since lockdown was imposed, the country seemed to embrace a kind of isolation in every corner of the streets. The critical medical conditions of COVID-19 patients have already created panic in every human’s heart. For some people, surviving has been the only option left.

The world economy has been affected drastically, so do India’s. In such a condition, is investing in Affordable Housing In Gurgaon during lockdown even a considering factor? The answer is yes. Right now, it is only the real estate market that has proved to be the only reliable market for investment. Here’s how.

Why Real Estate during Lockdown?
Real estate has been facing deficit demand that leads to generations of multiple attractive offers by real estate devs. To maintain good books, the builders will be currently offering low rates. So, it will result in lowering the cost. The end-user might expect to purchase a real estate at the lowest possible price during the lockdown.

The announcements by RBI for decreasing Repo rates by around .75% the new rate being 4.4% are definite indications. As a matter of fact, it will decrease loan interest rates by at least 0.75% . It will turn sentiments of the house seekers and drive them in a positive manner. Next, there comes the passive income. Multiple small investment options have got introduced in this market, and it starts from the lowest being five lakhs in the real estate market. It will create an opportunity for a separate asset class in portfolios in order to start sources of some passive income.

Because of the low demand, the discounted rates on the good inventories are also available. However, the economic condition gets settled down, this bargain will be reducing, and the demand will start floating upwards.

So, these are the things that make it very clear that investing in real estate during the lockdown is really beneficial.