As India begins to welcome the festive season with Navratri, there are religious and joyous vibes everywhere. In these auspicious times, one must resort to making positive life changes that contribute to the prosperity of your future endeavors. To own a home is one of the most important decisions for people in our country. With the majority of our population comprising middle-class and lower-middle-class, owning your own home holds a great sense of achievement. This festive season, begin a new chapter in your life with affordable homes in Gurugram that offer quality lifestyle opportunities at moderate prices.

As the world is starting to get back on its feet, as the economy starts to get better, the need for a roof over one’s head becomes necessary now more than ever. A home provides you with the basic and essential lifestyle opportunities that lead you further in life. We have changed paths to the future that we envisioned for ourselves at first due to the unfortunate events since the covid outbreak. Now the challenge is to reach out for greater opportunities with what the world has to offer to us.

Rapid urbanization has resulted in making it difficult for the lower-middle class to afford a lifestyle. Now, with the introduction of affordable homes, the offers and policies provided by the government, those low waged sections of society have been offered a great opportunity to make significant changes in their lives. The government’s ‘Housing for All’ aims to provide homes by the year 2022 and deliver to the everyday needs of the lower-middle-class individuals and families. Under this broad scheme come several other policies like the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna(PMAY) and HUDA Affordable Housing. These offer a helping hand to the homebuyers and lets them achieve their home dreams and provide a substantial support system for those in need. Under PMAY, the income range for the economically weaker households has been selected within 3 lakhs and these households are provided with primary sources that are needed to lead a quality lifestyle in everyday scenarios. The lower-income sections who choose affordable homes are in for numerous benefits under the government ‘housing for all’ schemes by 2022. Affordable homes are also backed by the HUDA Affordable Housing Policy that comes under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, a policy that works to deliver to the needs of the median household families. The objective here is to provide for their household needs and make homes available at moderate rates that will, in turn, improve their quality of life. Homebuyers save a significant part of their income as a result of affordable housing. Their savings can further contribute to other essentials of life. ​​With Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna (PMAY), the government supports homebuyers that are economically weak with basic amenities that contribute to the everyday life of homes up to a 30 sq meter carpet area. Prices for affordable housing projects in Gurugram, backed by the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna, start from Rs 25.26 Lakhs for 2BHK. Another housing for all policy includes HUDA affordable housing. This scheme falls under the PMAY, and the aim is to deliver to the low-income families that will efficiently enhance their living standards.

Gurgaon affordable housing will open gates to a future that is advanced and full of opportunities. Families that have shifted from rural areas to urban areas are looking forward to a lifestyle that harmoniously aligns with them and results in enhancing the quality of life. The evolution of Gurugram has been exceptionally well in the past couple of years and it continues to flourish. The introduction of the New Gurugram and many affordable housing projects in the respective sectors provides a big opportunity for real estate developers and buyers. Gurugram is a city that consists of growing businesses, sprawling roads, malls, and cafes, and an urbanized lifestyle, all of which contribute to the millennial lifestyle. With huge investments in the past decade in the city, there have been major enhancements in infrastructure, residential and commercial projects, business venues, and much more. Gurugram is appropriately called the Millennial city which is an opening window to possibilities that will contribute to your bright future. Close to the national capital of the country, Gurugram is a city that is on its way to fast development with exceptional connectivity, infrastructure developments, affordable housing offering moderate costs of living, better employment opportunities, proximity to major hubs in and around the city.

Committed to providing homebuyers with the best of lifestyle opportunities at affordable rates, MRG World is a leading name in the affordable real estate market in Gurugram, offering projects comprising commercial as well as residential development. This festive season, let’s welcome the goodness into your lives as you step into your dream homes and lead a life of prosperity in the heart of Gurugram with affordable housing.