Increasing population and inadequate land resources have resulted in vertical expansion in the domain of real estate. That’s why it is common to witness residential areas in various parts of the country being constructed as high rise buildings. Once you zero in on buying the best residential apartments in Gurgaon, you would also have to decide whether you want to reside in a low rise apartment or high rise apartments. 

High rise buildings are also known as skyscrapers, constructed tall and contain more than four floors. On the contrary, low rise buildings are the ones that usually comprise less than four floors. To be precise, both have their own set of advantages and are based on your personal preferences and you can select between the two. 

While the idea of residing in new residential projects in Gurgaon may seem exciting to many, it may fail to impress those who prefer closer to the ground. So with these things in mind, let’s compare residing in high rise and low rise apartments.  

An Overview of a High Rise Apartment

In India, any building comprising more than four stories is known as a high rise building. In case you don’t know, tall rise buildings have their origins in ancient Rome, where most of the buildings had more than ten floors. Also, the high rise building definition varies from one country to another. 

In case you don’t know, tall buildings are adept in swaying with the wind. Quite impressively, the best residential apartments in Gurgaon can move several feet in various directions, much like a tree swaying in the wind! The inhabitants don’t feel it because of the advanced construction that the building boasts off. 

It is worth noting here that high rise buildings contain a fortified core and are made of concrete. Most of them comprise a solid foundation that renders you more support. So by now, you are well-aware of what is high rise building. But at the same time, it is essential to look for various safety features while buying new residential projects in Gurgaon

For instance, you should look for one which has a sprinkler system and fire alarms. You should also take a close look at the exits and stairwell to ascertain they are marked and accessible. It is pretty standard for apartment buyers to opt for an apartment with a balcony. If that is the case, ensure that the balcony in new residential projects in Gurgaon comprises sufficiently spaced railings. 

On the other hand, if you have pets or kids, make sure that windows have guards. It is always a good idea to contact the property manager to be aware of the building’s safety features. The high rise building should also comprise emergency exits in case of mishaps.   

Trusting a builder to develop your dream home can be overwhelming. Reputed custom builders understand the intricacies of custom home construction projects. Being a client-centric home builder, they don’t have a prescribed process for constructing a new home. 

Instead, these builders listen to your needs and specifications and develop a process that complies with your needs. Now you can realize your dream of building a custom house in Gurgaon with reputed builders. With unmatched honesty and professionalism; their clients always love the difference they create.  

Reasons to invest in Low Rise Apartments built by Reputed Builders

Usually, people want a great home that will provide them with good returns. A custom home is a luxury you want to take advantage of to cherish your dreams. 

Where we reside makes a considerable impact on our lifestyle. From custom house design to traditional construction, home is where we make memories. At reputed builders, they have some insights to help you invest in a custom home. 

You can Design the Home of your Dreams 


Custom builders always comply with the requirements and preferences of their clients. With a custom home built by them, you would always have a major say in its design. 

You will be able to build your custom home any way you want it to be. Being a client-centric home builder, they always prefer communicating with our clients. They will help you create a home that is both functional and practical. 

Leverage Energy Efficiency in your New Home 

Energy-efficient homes are becoming a norm nowadays in India. You can now construct your dream house in Gurgaon with custom builder’s expertise. 

With an energy-efficient home, you would be able to save greatly on energy bills. Moreover, you can collaborate directly with their engineers to decide on various aspects of energy efficiency. Custom home building is fun and interactive with the reputed builders. 

Avoid Costly Repairs and Renovations with Custom Homes

With custom homes, you would be able to avoid costly repairs and renovations. Constructing your home the way you want would future-proof you against home repairs. Moreover, as you will be involved a great deal in the home building process, the chances of costly repairs are pretty low in the future. 

Reputed builders always encourage their clients to voice their preferences and opinions. That’s why they schedule various types of meetings between their clients, engineers, subcontractors, etc. 

More Versatility in your Home Design 

When you purchase a home that is already constructed, you’ve to deal with various limitations in design. For instance, you don’t get a say in the space and total area of your house. But things are different when you build a custom home. 

Reputed builders always strive to meet the requirements of their clients properly. Their experienced engineers and subcontractors will collaborate with you to provide the best services. 

Buying or constructing a property is always an important investment. Now you can make your house look like you envisioned with our custom home building expertise.  

Here are the cons of low rise apartments, which you should be aware of. 

  • Low rise buildings are easily accessible by intruders, which is a security nightmare
  • You wouldn’t be able to get views from a low rise building  

High-rise apartments Pros and cons

To be precise, regular rise vs. long rise has been a constant debate among most real estate enthusiasts. Here are the pros of high rise buildings you should be aware of. 

They provide the Best Views

If you want fresh air and stunning views, the high rise buildings are appropriate. Moreover, they also provide you with an ample amount of natural light. 

You would have Access to Elevators 

In high rise buildings, you would have access to elevators. What’s more impressive is the fact that most buildings have two elevators which provide easy accessibility. 

They are located in Posh Areas 

If you work in a city and are looking for a residential space, high rise buildings are ideal. By living in a tall rise building, you would be able to decrease the total time to commute.  

Easier Maintenance and Utilities 

In high rise buildings, you would have access to many utilities. For instance, they have an internet connection, CCTV, built-in water treatment plants, etc. 

Note that the high rise condo definition varies based on the city. Here are some of the cons of tall rise buildings you should be aware of.

  • In case of high rise buildings, people find it tough to evacuate residents during calamities.  
  • Note that the construction cost per square foot for a high rise building is higher when compared to a low rise one. In short, they are expensive.   

Why High Rise Apartments?

How many stories is a high rise is a common question asked by inhabitants. Here are the reasons behind selecting a tall rise building. 

  • New residential projects in Gurgaon are not only famous for their location. They also offer you a beautiful view of the city skyline. 
  • It is a commonly accepted fact that high rise buildings have a more significant number of residents. In other words, they have a greater community. This can help the residents to have access to a great community living experience. 
  • As the new residential projects in Gurgaon have various floors, they tend to boast of better airflow along with natural lighting. You would have plenty of natural air in your apartment. 
  • The high-rise buildings provide better amenities. For instance, residents would have access to underground parking, built-in water treatment plants, Wi-Fi, etc.  

Why Low Rise Apartments?

Here are some of the reasons you should opt for the low rise apartments. 

  • In low rise apartments, the number of units are fewer. So you will have a great amount of privacy.
  • As the communities are smaller, there is less scope of disputes. In short, you would be able to enjoy peaceful living conditions. 
  • Quite impressively, low rise apartments are located on the outskirts of the cities. This is why the surroundings are less polluted, and you have access to cleaner areas. 
  • Low rise apartments are ideal when the context is about evacuating residents during emergency situations. This is because the escape mechanism in low rise buildings is better when compared to the high rise ones. 

Questions to ask a Builder


Does the Builder possess Experience in building the Quality and Style of House you want?

This is an important question you should always ask a builder. Every style of the home provides exclusive challenges. You should feel confident that the builder is not experimenting with your project. 

Instead, the custom apartment builder should apply their experience while building your apartment in Gurgaon. Always choose builders who can explain their objectives related to a residential property in Gurgaon elaborately. 

How will the Custom Apartment Builder address Concerns and Issues during Construction?

Constructing an apartment involves various types of intricacies. In other words, you would encounter various issues from the construction project. That’s why the builder must frequently communicate with you. Moreover, you should ensure that the builder will value your feedback too. 

A dream apartment is a dream of every people. So it is perfectly fine to take an interview with a builder while investing in residential property in Gurgaon. It is essential to make an initial step to your dream apartment by selecting the best builder. 

The general meetings are the most important parts because it determines whether your matches are up with the skills and prices of the builders. It can easily be devastating for jumping into the relationship with a custom builder for finding that his quality level is less than you would expect or sometimes that he has a history of some unhappy customers.

Importance of reputed builders

When you are into the project called your dream apartment, then you want to feel confident in the ability of your builder to complete the project and as well as constructing a custom apartment that has several features, which you desire with the quality, the value you expect. This is the time when surprises are surely unwelcome. 

Taking up the whole responsibility for the complete decoration of your apartment is never a poor idea. In relevance to that, the residential property in Gurgaon has risen in popularity over the last few years. The good news is happened by asking a few simple questions about your potential custom builder so that you can quickly get a feel for what the builder is all about.

Some steps you can take toward your custom apartment by hiring the right builders

You can set up an interview by phone, e-mails, or in person. After the meeting with your builders, you can take time to think about all possible questions, and then you can follow up with your doubts. Also, it can be easily said that you don’t leave any stone left unturned so that your dream custom apartment project is protected from unprofessional apartment builders to some expert custom builders.

Also, you may find that your face-to-face interview is the ideal when it comes to really getting a good idea about the residential property in Gurgaon and as well as the business style and also the apartment construction.

Final Words

Let’s hope that the various aspects of opting for a high rise and low rise building are clear to you. The choice of opting for either a high rise or a low rise building depends on your needs. So assess your needs and implement a wise buying decision.