Gurugram has plentiful options for both affordable and luxury housing, to the point where the lines between them are often blurred. Many of the affordable housing projects in Gurgaon offer several amenities for each of the residents to indulge in. Furthermore, due to increasing competition in the affordable housing projects, several residential complexes have sophisticated amenities within their premises. Here’s a list of the various kinds of amenities you can expect when buying an affordable home in Gurgaon.

1. Community Centres:

A lively place of residence is what someone expects, especially when they choose to live in a residential complex with other fellow residents. Lawns, seating-areas, parks, kids’ play areas, and several other such places are perfect for the residents to meet-up, plan events, etc. Community centers as such evoke a sense of togetherness within everyone and allow for people not to be ‘left out’ of the inclusive residential experience. The lawns are also incredibly useful for events to take place during festivals, which add to the community spirit of the residential society.

2. Comprehensive Sports and Fitness amenities:

Having lawns and seating-areas is quite common for new affordable housing projects in Gurgaon, but only a few provide exclusive and sufficient facilities for sports. Places that offer swimming pools, badminton courts, tennis lawns, squash courts, skating rinks, basketball courts, etc. inspire its residents to engage more in sports by having all these facilities readily available.

It could also include a gym that has adequate equipment to ensure optimal work-out sessions. Allowing residents not to externally apply for a gym membership since their residential complex already provides for a suitable alternative. Amenities as such need to be of a higher quality for better resident satisfaction. Hence, affordable house in Gurgaon is sure to include them for their residential projects.

3. Retailers and services:

Even in well-connected areas, having retailers readily available is immensely helpful. Several best affordable housing Gurgaon projects provide their residents with such services within their premises. Retailers certainly make it easier for residents, provided they meet the demands of quality and quantity in any residential society.

4. Adequate Maintenance:

An on-call and readily available maintenance crew are essential for any residential complex to have. Several issues could arise at any point in time, especially ones that need urgent fixing. To maintain all the various amenities provided, professionals must be available on-call for the residents.

These amenities add value to your residential experience quite significantly. Hence, affordable housing Gurgaon would not want to miss out on an opportunity to provide them in an increasingly competitive world of real estate in Gurgaon.

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