Society shops are starting to become increasingly common in Gurgaon, with developers including commercial units as a part of their residential projects. Particularly, several of the builders in the affordable housing segment have been offering affordable society shops as they make the projects more alluring. Real estate developments that are a mix of shops and residential units are beneficial to the residents and the businesses. While the inhabitants get to avail of shopping amenities within the housing estate, the businesses enjoy plenty of sales due to the constant availability of buyers.

Where in Gurgaon should you purchase a society shop?

Multiple locations in Gurgaon are suitable for business activities. Different businesses have different requirements and as a result, none of the localities can alone be declared as the best one.

The top 4 locations in Gurgaon for buying affordable society shops in Gurgaon are listed below: [Not in Order]

#1) MRG Bazaar 90 in Sector 90 Gurgaon-

Sector 90 is a strategic location particularly advantageous to businesses. With NH-8 and Dwarka Expressway located in the vicinity, businesses benefit from superb connectivity features. This not only allows quick and cost-effective transportation of goods but also ensures a large catchment. You may check out MRG Bazaar 90, a project offering society shops in this locality.

  • The real estate complex comes with around 750 residential units. Naturally, the demand for various goods and services would be high and any business would find such a market alluring.
  • The market isn’t restricted within the complex alone. More than 30,000 families reside within a 5KM radius of the project.
  • The large façade of the project makes it a prominent shopping destination. Each of the shops comes with large storefronts and displays that would help to enhance visibility and attract more customers.

A thriving locality housing a large number of affluent families, Sector 90 is a great locality to start a new business or expand an existing one.

#2) Dwarka Expressway Gurgaon-

Dwarka Expressway is undoubtedly one of the fastest and most coveted locations in Gurgaon. Ranging from small-scale startups to major blue-chip companies, a large number of companies have expanded their business activities here. Business owners who would prefer such a thriving commercial hub to launch affordable shops in Gurgaon.

  • About 1800 MNCs are located in the region, offering countless business opportunities. Building strong business connections would hardly ever be an issue.
  • Several major roads and transit points such as Honda Chowk, NH-8, IMT Manesar, IGI Airport, Gurgaon Railway station, etc. are located in the vicinity. Dwarka Expressway itself is one of the most important roads in Gurgaon and connects the project to various key locations.
  • World-class premium residential projects and townships spanning over more than 450 acres.

Certain localities turn into prominent business hubs due to the influx of various companies across different sectors and Dwarka Expressway is indeed one of them. The commercial prospects here continue to lead to the growth of the real estate sector in this locality.

#3) MRG Bazaar 93 in Sector 93 Gurgaon-

Due to the excellent infrastructure here, Sector 93 is another key commercial hub in Gurgaon where one may consider launching a business. The various residential developments in the region ensure a lucrative market for businesses launched here. The society shops in MRG Bazaar 93 are viable options for businesses and property investors alike.

  • The availability of healthcare, education, and other social amenities in the locality favours the residential sector’s growth. This has helped to build up an excellent market around this complex.
  • The complex comes with superb security features, well-trained security staff and sophisticated fire alarm systems. These help to protect the businesses, along with the employees and the visitors.
  • The project offers sophisticated infrastructure and amenities, including an ATM and adequate car parking spaces to make business activities more convenient.

Due to the various infrastructural developments taking place in Sector 93, the locality is likely to witness a rise in property rates soon

#4) MRG Bazaar 89 in Sector 89 Gurgaon-

Yet another project by MRG World that offers society shops for sale in Gurgaon, MRG Bazaar 89 is a great option too. It offers a variety of benefits that business owners seek while looking for a retail space, ranging from locational to infrastructural. Property investors would benefit from purchasing a shop here too, as it would ensure alluring returns. MRG Bazaar 89 is one of the best projects here that offers society shops and there are several reasons why you might want to purchase a retail unit here.

  • Like New Gurugram, Kadipur Industrial Area, several prime localities, Sultanpur National Park and the large commercial belt are easily accessible. This opens up endless business opportunities for brands that launch retail outlets here.
  • Businesses seeking commercial shops in Gurgaon would also find this project to be a good option due to its closeness to the inland container depot. It ensures adequate and cost-effective storage solutions for business. Transportation of goods is easy as well, thanks to the strategic proximity to NH-8, Dwarka Expressway, KMP Corridor and other important roads.
  • About 5000 families reside within a walking distance of this complex. The shops would record high footfall regularly as the complex would turn into a thriving shopping hub.

As a major commercial locality housing reputed companies like HCL, Mitsubishi Electricals, Samsung, Honda Moto Corp, etc. The presence of such leading brands gives a hint of the alluring business prospects that the region offers.

Potential ROI

A society shop in one of these locations can potentially attract high returns on investment. With well-established brands seeking sophisticated retail units, leasing out such properties is never an issue. The prices of these affordable commercial shops in Gurgaon are quite low. This makes these shops suitable for investors who seek pocket-friendly options. Whether you seek to use the shop for your own business or to put it out on lease or rent, you may stay assured that these locations are excellent choices.