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12 September 2020 Business News This Week As the acceptance for Gurugram increases, it is becoming a true real estate hub and is attracting investments in various fields. Read the thoughts of Mr. Rajat Goel, JMD, MRG World on the matter.
09 September 2020 The Global Realty How real estate industry leaders react to RBIís monetary policy
31 August 2020 IIFL Industry reaction on stamp duty reduction in Maharashtra
31 August 2020 Realty n More Realty stakeholders hail stamp duty cut by Maharashtra Govt
27 August 2020 Business Today Speaking on Outlook for real estate sector, views of Mr. Rajat Goel have been published on leading business news platforms, Business Today.
14 August 2020 Business Today The upcoming year is expected to bring about a number of positive changes regarding the demand in real estate industry and encourage people to live in their own homes. Mr. Vikas Garg has expressed his exceptional views on this subject. ?Follow the link to know his thoughtful opinions on the same.
13 August 2020 Business Today There are lot of speculations about what the year 2021 will hold for real estate and the affordable housing sector. Mr. Vikas Gard, Deputy Managing Director, MRG World has shared his valued opinions on the changes that are to be expected in the industry.
04 July 2020 India Today Due to the pandemic, the economy took a hit and a lot of people are unemployed as a result of that. An exclusive article by Mr. Rajat Goel, JMD, MRG World explains how real estate might be the best industry for experienced workers who are looking for new career opportunities.
04 July 2020 The Times of India Mr. Rajat Goel, JMD, MRG World has a lot to say and thoughts to share about the growth of New Gurugram in terms of real estate.
29 June 2020 Mail Today since the Covid -19 pandemic has necessitated social distancing , and many companies have advised employees to work form home, How will this affect the housing Sector ? Industry Expert and stakeholders answer...

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