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Who and all are applicable for this policy??

Anyone can apply.

Under Pradhan mantri awas yojana grantee, includes their spouse or children which is distinguished by the urban local bodies department of Haryana. All the programme under PMAY shall be granted preference in allotment.

The first right shall be given to the distinguished grantee of the said town followed by other PMAY grantee of the state of Haryana.

Then, the rest of the flats, person which includes their spouse or children who do not grant any flats/plots in any HUDA established colony/sector or any licensed colony in any of the urban areas in Haryana, UT of Chandīgarh and NCT Delhi shall be next preference in allotment of flats/plot.

An applicant shall be provided only one application in a specific colony/sector.

In case he/she is successful applicant in more than one colony then, he/she will not be eligible for allotment of any other flat under this policy in any other colony.

He/she will have to choose only flat. All such applicant should have to submit an affidavit to this allotment.

Under government of Haryana, will any successful applicant in any affordable housing project be applicable for any future project by HUDA or DTCP?

It is totally depending on the policies, which is succeed by the government of Haryana at that time.

Will an applicant be applicable to apply for other affordable housing projects, if he/she will hand-over his/her unit?

No, an applicant shall not be allowed as he had already allotted the flats/ plot, which provided by the government but he/she has option to hand- over his unit so that, the preferences will be given to other applicants.

Will there be any problem if any applicant lost his acknowledgement as if he has a duplicate copy of that acknowledgement?

No, there will not be any problem if he lost his acknowledgement, though he requests the developer to share his application number.

Using same name can an applicant submit 2 applications in the same project?

No, he cannot submit 2 applications in the same project using same name he can submit only one application in one project. Though he allowed to apply in as many projects.

What date will decide to draw XXX project?

The date will not be decided before. Usually, it will take atleast three months from the last date of application to the project.

Is it necessary that the applicant should carry his acknowledgement at the venue of draw?

Yes, it is necessary that the applicant should carry his acknowledgement at the venue because it is the official receipt of application of that particular property.

Who and all are present in the entire process of draw?

Since the draw is conducted in presence of all applicant, including high ranking state government officials, auditors who is third party and the applicant can also present in the entire process of draw. This entire event is well video-graphed.

Will the draw be conducted for overall department or separate for each category of apartment?

No, the draw will not be conducted for overall department because at the time of draw the categories can’t be merged. so, the draw will be separate for each category.

90 days which is stipulated from the last of application, if the draw does not take place at that time duration, will applicant get any interest?

Yes, the applicant will get 10% of interest on his booking amount for the duration, if it exceeds 90 days.

If the result of the draw came out and the applicant is unable to attend the event then how he will come to know about the result?

The result will be published in the same newspapers in which advertisement for application was published for that particular project. The successful allotters will be informed personally by the developer via email and postal letters. Other than this it will be declared on the project website itself.

In case if two draws succeed perfectly, will the applicant be given a choice to keep possession of both flats?

No, he has option to choose any one apartment and hand-over another apartment.

Will there be any waiting list and how many applicants will be in the waiting list?

Yes, there will be a waiting list which is maintain by the developer, in that list of 25% of the applicants for 2 years. If a wait- listed applicant wishes to withdraw from the list, he can withdraw and his booking amount will be refunded.

What are the different modes of payment which are to be made against the property to the developer?

There are different modes payment can be made via cheque, demand draft, banker’s cheque, NEFT, RTGS. Cash payment will not be acceptable by the developer.

How many days will be given to the allotters to deposit the next installment of of 20% for a successful allottee?

The allotters will be given a period of 15 days from the date of of allotment to make the next installment payment.

If any applicants are unsuccessful in draw then, how will the developer refund the booking amount of the applicants?

The booking amount will be refunded through cheque which is either delivered to their correspondence address via registered post or the applicants can collect it from the developer office after providing all valid documents.

If in case successful allottee fails to make payments in given period of time, will he provided extra period of time to make payment?

It depends on the developer, if he provides extra period of time then also applicant fails to make payment, his allotment stands cancelled.

What is the guarantee that the developer will definitely deliver the project in stipulated frame time of 4 years?

5% out of 15% will be released by the government, if developer gets occupation certificate and rest 10% will released only after 5 years of ownership that he has maintain the particular project for 5 years. If there is any delay by the developer then, finally he will lose his security deposit because such type of project has very thin line of margin.

What action will be taken by the government, if the developer does not deliver the project within the framing time of 4 years?

The developer has to lose his security deposit of 15% of the project and he will be blacklisted for future. The license also gets cancelled.

After 5 years, who will take care of the maintenance?

After 5 years, an RWA will be formed by the government and it will take care of entire maintenance of the project.

Is Power Back up provided in affordable housing projects?

Yes, they will provide power back up but that is provisional.

What are difference between the affordable housing apartments and EWS flats both are allotted by the Government only?

EWS flats have areas below 300 sq. Ft. which is affordable for lower income group people, whereas affordable departments have carpet area between 350 – 750 sq. Ft.

EWS apartments are located on fridge area of the city whereas affordable housing projects are coming up across good locations.

EWS apartments are basic apartments with no facilities whereas affordable housing project provides common facilities like 50% area will be community hall, crèche.

EWS apartments are Low Rise whereas affordable housing projects are High Rise apartments with elevators.

Will they provide car parking facility in affordable housing projects

Though it is mandatory to provide one free two-wheeler parking for each unit. An open area in the project can be used for car parking and it is free and open to all because the said area can’t be sold or leased to any occupant.

What will be quality of construction in affordable housing projects?

Since the entire projects will be controlled by DTCP and it is mandatory that the developer should only predefined materials which are approved by the government. So we can say the quality of construction will be Superior.

When will the construction of the project begin?

The construction of the project will begin after clearances of all legal formalities from various departments.

Can an applicant withdraw after 2 or 3 years of allotment?

Yes, the applicant can withdraw after 2 or 3 years from the project. Only Rs 25000/- will be deducted from amount he has paid to the developer and the rest will be refunded and the said flats will be offered to wait-listed applicants.

Is HUDA (Haryana Development Authority) lawful body for affordable housing projects?

No, all the affordable housing projects fall under private department of Town & Country Planning (DTCP), Government of Haryana.

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"Own a Dream Home at Rs 24.04 L Book a Free Site Visit"