Eligibility Criteria

ANY person can apply but person which includes his/her spouse or his/her dependent children who do not own any flat/plot in any HUDA developed colony/ sector or any licensed colony in any of the Urban Areas in Haryana, UT of Chandigarh and NCT Delhi shall be given first preference in allotment of flats. An applicant in a specific colony shall make only one application. Any successful applicant under this policy shall not be eligible for allotment of any other flat under this policy in any other colony. In case, he/she is successful in more than one colony, he/she will have choice of retain only one flat. All such applicants shall submit an affidavit to this effect.

Allotment criteria

  1. Advertisements for booking of apartments shall be issued by the colonizer on two occasions at one week interval in „One of the leading English National daily‟ and „Two Hindi Newspapers‟ having circulation of more than ten thousand copies in the State to ensure adequate publicity of the project and should include details like allotment rate, schedule of payment, number and carpet area of apartment etc. The proforma of advertisement shall be separately approved by the DGTCP and hosted on the Department website for clarity.
  2. All flats in a specific project shall be allotted in one go within four months of sanction of building plans or receipt of environmental clearance whichever is later and possession of flats shall be offered within the validity period of 4 years of such sanction/ clearance. Any person interested to apply for allotment of flat in response to such advertisement by a colonizer may apply on the prescribed application form along with 5% amount of the total cost of the flat. All such applicants shall be eligible for an interest at the rate of 10% per annum on the booking amount received by the developer for a period beyond 90 days from the close of booking till the date of allotment of flat or refund of booking amount as the case may be. The applicant will be required to deposit additional 20% amount of the total cost of the flat at the time of allotment of flat. The balance 75% amount will be recovered in six equated six monthly installments spread over three-year period, with no interest falling due before the due date for payment. Any default in payment shall invite interest @15% per annum. The project-wise list of allottees shall also be hosted on the website of the Department.
  3. The scrutiny of all applications received as per the parameters prescribed in the policy shall be completed by the colonizer under the overall monitoring of concerned District Town Planner (DTP). The scrutiny of applications by the joint team of colonizer and the concerned DTP shall be completed within three months from the last date of receipt of applications as indicated in the advertisement.
  4. On completion of scrutiny as above, the concerned Senior Town Planner shall fix the date of draw of lots. Simultaneously the ineligible applications shall be returned within one month of completion of scrutiny by the colonizer indicating the grounds on which the applications have been held to be ineligible along with the 5% booking amount received from such applicants. No interest in such case shall be paid.
  5. After fixation of date for draw of lots, an advertisement shall be issued by the coloniser informing the applicants about the details regarding date/time and venue of the draw of lots in the same newspaper in which the original advertisement was issued.
  6. The allotment of apartments shall be done through draw of lots in the presence of a committee consisting of Deputy Commissioner or his representative (at least of the cadre of Haryana Civil Services), Senior Town Planner (Circle office), DTP of the concerned district and the representative of colonizer concerned.
  7. Only such applications shall be considered for draw of lots which are complete and which fulfil the criteria laid down in this Policy. However, it is possible that some of the application forms have certain minor deficiencies, viz., missing entry on the application form, incorrect/missing line in affidavit, illegible copies of certain documents. Such applications may also be included in the draw of lots. However, in case any of such applications are declared successful in the draw of lots, applicants may be granted an opportunity of removing the shortcomings in their application in all respects within a period of 15 days, failing which their claim shall stand forfeited. The said 15 days period shall start from the date of publication of the list of successful allottees in the newspaper marking those successful applications with minor deficiencies for information and notice of such applicants for removing such deficiencies and submit the same to the concerned DTP. The list of such successful allottees shall also be maintained on the website of the Department.
  8. A waiting list for a maximum of 25% of the total available number of flats available for allotment may also be prepared during the draw of lots who can be offered the allotment in case some of the successful allottees are not able to remove the deficiencies in their application within the prescribed period of 15 days.


  1. In case of surrender of flat by any successful applicant, an amount of Rs 25,000/- may be deducted by the colonizer. Such flats may be considered by the committee for offer to those applicants falling in the waiting list. However, non-removal of deficiencies by any successful applicant shall not be considered as surrender of flat, and no such deduction of Rs 25,000 shall be applicable on such cases. If any wait listed candidate does not want to continue in the waiting list, he may seek withdrawal and the licensee shall refund the booking amount within 30 days, without imposing any penalty. The waiting list shall be maintained for a period of 2 years, after which the booking amount shall be refunded back to the waitlisted applicants, without any interest. All non-successful applicants shall be refunded back the booking amount within 15 days of holding the draw of lots.
  2. If any successful applicant fails to deposit the installments within the time period as prescribed in the allotment letter issued by the colonizer, a reminder may be issued to him for depositing the due installments within a period of 15 days from the date of issue of such notice. If the allottee still defaults in making the payment, the list of such defaulters may be published in one regional Hindi news-paper having circulation of more than ten thousand in the State for payment of due amount within 15 days from the date of publication of such notice, failing which allotment may be cancelled. In such cases also an amount of Rs 25,000/- may be deducted by the colonizer and the balance amount shall be refunded to the applicant. Such flats may be considered by the committee for offer to those applicants falling in the waiting list.
  3. Convenience fee charged at the time of booking is non-refundable.
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