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Refund and Cancellation Policy

NO. PF-27/15922; The Governor of Haryana is pleased to make the following amendments in ‘Affordable Housing Policy-2013’ notified on 19.08.2013 and as amended from time to time under the provisions of Section 9A of the Haryana Development and Regulation of Urban Areas Act, 1975 and any other corresponding statute governing development of group housing colonies on the subject.

2. The amendments as mentioned below have been concurred by the Finance Department vide its U.O. No. 11/158/2013-5FD-III/18191 dated 04.06.2019 & subsequently vide U.O. No. 11/158/2013-5FD-III/19602 dated 24.06.2019 and approved by the Council of Ministers in its meeting held on 25.06.2019. This policy notification shall come into effect from the date of its notification. The Director, Town and Country Planning, Haryana, is hereby directed to effectively implement this policy to facilitate creation of additional affordable housing stock in the urban areas of the State.

3. In clause no. 2 (Siting Parameters) of the Annexure-A of notification dated 19th August, 2013, for sub-clause (iv), the following shall be substituted:

“In any residential sector not more than 30 acres area under residential zone shall be allowed for projects under this policy. However, the additional limit of 15 acres alongwith the remaining area, if any, out of the 30 acres area limit, in each sector shall be allotted through a public notice giving window of thirty days time inviting applications for remaining area to be made available under this Affordable Group Housing Scheme. If the applications are of area more than the available net planned area in any sector, then draw of lots shall be held to decide as to whom the licence has to be granted. Further, in case a portion of net planned area stand redundant due to grant of licences in total 30 acres, a relaxation of 20% on minimum area norms of 5 acres which comes to one acre shall be considered. However, the fee and charges will be levied on total 5 acres but Floor Area Ratio (FAR), ground coverage will be allowed on the actual licenced area.


1. All the pending licence applications within the earlier 10 acres limits available for various sectors shall be decided as per the provisions of original Affordable Group Housing Policy parameters-2013.

2. The applications received under the public notice dated 25.01.2018 shall also be considered as per the increased area limit in a residential sector for grant of licence under AHP-2013 as per this amendment. However, the applications which stand rejected/returned due to deficiencies may apply afresh under this policy as and when the applications are invited, after removing the deficiencies pointed out by the Department.”

4. In clause no. 5 (Allotment Rates; Allotment & Eligibility Criteria), of the AnnexureA of notification dated 19th August, 2013:-

a. In clause 5(iii)h of policy dated 19.08.2013, the words “In case of surrender of flat by any successful applicant, an amount of Rs 25,000/- may be deducted by the colonizer”, shall be substituted as under :-

“On surrender of flat by any successful allottee, the amount that can be forfeited by the colonizer in addition to Rs. 25,000/- shall not exceed the following:-

Sr.No. Particulars Amount to be forfeited
(aa) In case of surrender of flat before commencement of project Nil
(bb) upto 1 year from the date of commencement of the project: 1% of the cost of flat;
(cc) upto 2 years from the date of commencement of the project: 3% of the cost of flat;
(dd) after 2 years from the date of commencement of the project 5% of the cost of flat;

Note: The cost of the flat shall be the total cost as per the rate fixed by the Department in the policy as amended from time to time.”

b. The existing clause no. 5(iii)j of the Annexure-A of notification dated 19th August, 2013, shall be substituted with the following:- “ j. The developer shall invite applications through concerned Senior Town Planner (STP) by advertising at least three times in three newspapers (one leading English National Daily and two in Hindi language having circulation of more than 10,000 copies in the State). The applications shall be invited online by concerned STP of the respective circle and then allotment shall be made by the colonizer. The first draw of lots shall be held within four months from the date of first advertisement and there should be a gap of at least three months between any such two advertisements. After three such attempts by STP, the colonizer will make allotment of flats on ‘First come First Serve basis’ but on pre-defined rates.”

c. After existing clause no. 5(iii)(j) of the Annexure-A of notification dated 19th August, 2013, the following clause 5(iii)(k) is inserted:-
“ k. In case of re-allotment resulting after surrender of flats as well as allotment of left over flats, the maximum amount recoverable at the time of such allotment shall be equivalent to the amount payable by other allottees in the project at that stage.”

5. In clause no. 7 (Special Dispensations) of the Annexure-A of notification dated 19th August, 2013, the sub-clause-(i) shall stands omitted.

(A.K Singh, IAS)
Principal Secretary to Government, Haryana
Town and Country Planning Department.

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